“Change Your State, Change Your Destiny”


fish_bowls1At last week’s meeting, Jesse Stein delivered an uplifting speech in which he shared tips on how we can crush limiting beliefs and be unstoppable by simply shifting into an elevated state.

Below are excerpts from his empowering talk:

As great as your life might be right now, there’s always another level beyond.

You can achieve, connect, give, share, and love even more than you do today.

The thing I do to crush my limiting beliefs and live life more fully is I get myself into a great state from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.

Madame Toastmasters, Fellow Toastmasters, Honored Guests, I’m going to tell you how to get yourself into a great state, instantly.

In that state, you’re unstoppable.

You can vanquish your limiting beliefs, and replace them with empowering ones allowing you to go farther, faster – and have more fun than you’ve ever had.

Does this sound like something you’d like in your life?

There are three elements of state:

  1. Focus – Do you focus on what’s right about life? Or do you find yourself focusing on what’s wrong or lacking? There’s no excuse not to feel good.
  2. Language – Tell better stories, use empowering language – in your external and internal worlds. Become a witness to the thoughts that used to control you.
  3. Physiology – Use good posture, take deeper breaths, adopt a powerful stance & walk with purpose.

When you’re in state, you create the certainty, vision, and clarity needed to reach your potential. You push yourself. You burn the ships.

When you’re in state, you appreciate what’s around you. You think clearly. You attract positive people.

One way to stay in a beautiful state is to tolerate suffering, frustration, anger, and fear no longer than 60 seconds. Make a decision to live in a beautiful state every moment of the day.

A great way to achieve and maintain peak state is to be acutely aware of your focus, physiology, and language as often as possible during the day.

To get in state at beginning of the day, try this priming exercise. The entire process only takes about 10 minutes:

  1. Start your day by getting your heart rate elevated for at least 3 minutes
  2. Think of three things you’re grateful for
  3. Jot down or mentally take note of three things you want to achieve

When you’re in a peak state, you change your destination. When you change your destination, you change your destiny.

About the Author

Jesse Stein is Founder & CEO of Miami-based DietSpotlight. The site provides insights and tools to help you in your pursuit of health, wellness, and sustainable weight loss through an extensive library of engaging and informative articles across a range of topics related to weight loss and nutrition. DietSpotlight also offers an optional membership program, Burn HD, as well as sell nutritional and weight loss supplements.








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