How To Evaluate Effectively


Giving an evaluation is a key skill learned in Toastmasters. Remeber these five basic points when evaluating a speaker.

Before the speech

  • Review and discuss the manual objectives and evaluation guidelines
  • Ask about any concerns regarding the speech or the speaker’s speaking ability

Show that you are interested

  • Demonstrate that you are truly interested in the speech
  • Exhibit your interest in the speaker’s ability to grown and improve

Personalize your language

Put yourself in the position of the speaker before giving your evaluation

Stay away from words like:

  • You didn’t…
  • You should have…
  • You failed to…

To stimulate improvement, use words like:

  • I believe…
  • My reaction was…
  • I suggest that…

Keep the evaluator’s mantra in mind to maximize your skills:

  • What I saw
  • What I heard
  • What I felt

Evaluate the speech – not the person

  • Always keep your main purpose in mind: to support, help and encourage the speaker
  • Pay attention tot he speaker’s goals for self-improvement
  • Watch for symptoms of fear or insecurity
  • Evaluate what the speaker does – not what the speaker is

Promote self-esteem

Encourage and inspire the speaker to participate again by giving:

  • Honest and sincere praise
  • Positive reinforcement when improvements occur
  • Helpful direction when necessary
  • A positive ending to your evaluation


Source: Evaluate to Motivate module, Toastmasters Successful Club Series

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