Master Evaluator

Master Evaluator

The Master Evaluator handles the evaluation portion of the meeting, evaluating anything and everything that takes place during the meeting. People join Toastmasters because they want to learn something. If the club learning environment isn’t focused and fun, members won’t learn. Your observations and suggestions help ensure the club is meeting its goals and needs of each member. And, you get the chance to practice and improve your skills in critical thinking, planning, preparation and organization, time management, motivation and team building!

Before the Meeting

  • Five days before meeting contact the functionaries for the meeting to confirm their participation:  Evaluators, Timer/Joker, Grammarian, Invocation and Pledge and Word of the Day
  • Notify the Toastmaster by Tuesday of any changes to the Meeting Agenda.
  • Prepare a brief explanation detailing the purpose, techniques and benefits of evaluation so guests and new members will understand evaluation.

During the meeting  

  • Make sure all evaluators are present and have the appropriate Evaluation Resource Guide.
  • Verify each speaker’s time and notify the timer if there are any changes.
  • Create a checklist from which you can follow the meeting. Cover each participant on the program.
  • Take notes on everything that happens (or doesn’t but should)  Look for good and less than desirable examples of preparation, organization, delivery, enthusiasm, observations, and general performance of duties. Don’t reevaluate the speakers – you can comment briefly. Did the meeting and each segment of it begin and end on time?


When introduced:

  • Accept control of the meeting from the Toastmaster.  Brief the audience on what way and how your team will handle evaluations.  Introduce each evaluator.  After each recitation, thank the evaluator for his or her efforts.
  • Following the evaluations, introduce each Functionary and ask for a report:  Word of the Day; Grammarian; Timer/Joker.
  • Wrap up by giving your general evaluation of the meeting, using the checklist and notes you took during the meeting.
  • Phrase your evaluation so it is helpful, encouraging, and motivates club members to implement the suggestions.
  • You may wish to comment on the quality of evaluations. Were they positive, upbeat, helpful? Did they point the way to improvement?
  • When you’ve completed your evaluation, return control of the meeting to the Toastmaster.