The Toastmaster prepares the meeting agenda, acts as host, and conducts the meeting. You won’t usually be assigned this role until you are thoroughly familiar with club procedures. Toastmasters may often choose a theme for the meeting and speak about it before introducing other speakers.

Five days before the meeting

  • Email the members responsible for Table Topics, Speakers, and Master Evaluator to confirm their participation and request their prepared introductions. Ask the speakers their speech title and their delivery time for the agenda.  Verify the correct pronunciation of the names of all the functionaries.
  • Contact the Master Evaluator and make sure you’re both working from the same agenda and ask them to confirm the participation of the two evaluators, timer/joker, grammarian, invocation/pledge, and Word of the Day Master.

Day before the meeting

  • Prepare the agenda and bring at least 25 copies to the meeting.

Day of the Meeting 

On meeting day, show up early. You’ll need time to make sure the stage is set for a successful meeting. Put the agenda at each place setting, and check with each speaker as they arrive to see if they have made any last-minute changes to their speeches – such as changing the title.

You are responsible for beginning and ending the meeting on time, so watch the time during the meeting. You may have to adjust the schedule and ask the Table Topics Master to cut their time. Lead the applause for each speaker, before and after the Table Topics session, and the general evaluator.

  • When introduced by the President, take the podium and begin your remarks.
  • Introduce each speaker. When each presenter has finished, you return to the lectern so the speaker can be seated, and you can begin your next introduction.
  • Introduce the Table Topics Master as you would any speaker. Remain standing near the lectern after your introduction until the speaker has assumed control of the lectern.
  • Introduce the Master Evaluator as you would any speaker. The master evaluator will introduce the other members of the evaluation team.
  • At the conclusion of the Master Evaluator’s portion of the meeting, request the Table Topics Master report their results.
  • Return control of the meeting to the club President.

Serving as Toastmaster is an excellent way to practice many valuable skills as you strive to make the meeting one of the club’s best.  Preparation is the key to success!