Timer / Joker


As timer, you are responsible for monitoring time for each meeting segment and each speaker and giving a report and a joke at the end of the meeting. You will also operate the timing signal, indicating to each speaker how long he or she has been talking. Serving as the timer is an excellent opportunity to practice giving instructions and time management – something we do every day.

Before the Meeting

Write an explanation of your duties to give when called upon at the meeting. Emphasize the timing rules and how timing signals will be given for each speaker. Refer to the agenda to confirm the speaker’s times, which can vary based on the speech they are giving. For the benefit of guests and new members, be sure to use the clearest possible language and rehearse your presentation.

Role  Time(Min) Green Yellow Red
Speakers 5-7 5 6 7
Icebreaker 4-6 4 5 6
Evaluators 3 2 2:30 3
Table Topics 1 – 1.5 1 1.15 1:30


During the Meeting

  • On meeting day, retrieve the timing equipment and Timekeepers Report from the Sergeant at Arms. Be sure you understand how to operate the stopwatch and signal device, make sure the timing equipment works, and sit where the signal device can be seen by all.
  • When called upon by the Toastmaster, stand and explain the timing rules and demonstrate the signal device.
  • Throughout the meeting, listen carefully to each program participant and signal them accordingly.
  • Keep track of the time each Speaker, Master Evaluator, Evaluators, and Table Topics Speakers on the Timekeepers report.
  • When you’re called to report by the Table Topics Master, Toastmaster or general evaluator, stand by your chair, announce the speaker’s name, and the time taken. You will also be called upon to provide a joke or funny story. Please keep the joke to one minute and appropriate for a business environment.
  • After the meeting, return the stopwatch and timing signal device to the sergeant-at-arms.