Luisa Herran
Luisa Herran

Jodi Johnson was Toastmaster for our July 16 meeting.  She ran a wonderful meeting inspiring us with the theme “Taking Action Now”.  Jodi encouraged us to take action today, take action now when we are still on this earth.

We were entertained by the speakers of the day who gave great speeches and inspired us to become more like them, accomplished speakers.

Mike Molina was the first speaker, he completed the Entertainment Series: Speak After Dinner, which calls for casual conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.  He did this quite well because it did feel as if we were having a casual conversation.   A few of the Toastmasters present even made comments and contributed to Mike’s speech, which was the idea.   He shared what has been happening in his life after the purchase of his home and how he and his fiancée finally settled for Miami Shores.  He amused us with stories of the neighbors they have met so far and their colorful personalities. Most importantly, he relayed how the previous owner had been a hoarder.  A relative of the previous owner found a large amount of cash, while Mike found a small sum.   There is word that there has to be a missing platinum ball in the premises so remodeling the place may become quite lucrative.  Mike was funny and witty and kept his audience entertained.

Speaker number two was Jerry Bailey.  His speech was about one of his searching experiences, which he appropriately entitled “5 Take-Aways for Luck”.  We learned that Jerry will never forget a face, but on the other hand has a habit of forgetting and leaving behind his wallet, his keys, or his phone.  However he is lucky to always recover what he leaves behind.   Jerry told us how he lost his passport in Paris during his last trip while the whole time, he had us at the edge of our seats wondering whether he had recovered it or not.  He took us on an adventure from when he first realized his passport was missing to the steps he took.  He retraced his steps to the places he had been like the bank, his apartment: nothing there.  He next filed a police report, and went to the train and metro Lost and Found: nothing there.  As it appeared, it didn’t seem he was going to recover his passport.  The next step was to go to the U.S. Embassy to fill out an application and get a replacement passport.  As usual, he waited until the last minute and when he was about to head out to the Embassy he got a call from the bank.  A cleaning lady had found the passport.  Had he gone to the Embassy earlier, he would have missed the call because no cell phone use is allowed at the Embassy.  What he learned and recommends from his experience: a) don’t put all your eggs in one basket (carry your personal belongings in different places),  b) learn the local customs, c) accept risk , 4) file reports, 5) be moderate in running to embrace timeliness.

Lina Draney had some excellent questions for Table Topics, which were along the line of our theme: “Take Action Now.”  The winners were: 3rd place, Leisha John – 2nd place, Jim Harnett – 1st place, Virginia Wolber.  Congratulations to such eloquent impromptu speakers.

Paula Hesch and Nick Zwemer were the speech evaluators and both gave excellent feedback.  Paula has many years of experience evaluating speeches, her feedback is always valuable.  Nick has been evaluating speeches for less than one year.  In the process , he has become a great evaluator and his feedback is also quite valuable.

It is important to keep in mind to always end your speeches by tying them back to the introduction and keeping the same level of enthusiasm throughout your speech.

Thank you to our returning guests, Anna-Kaye Lue, Sylvia do Pico and our first-time guest, Robert.  We look forward to their next visit.  Sylvia announced she was ready to take the plunge by becoming a new Toastmaster.  Congratulations, we are already looking forward to your “Icebreaker.”

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