Luisa Herran
Luisa Herran


Gonzalo was our Toastmaster who had a great theme: LAUGHTER!  Laughter can lengthen our lives due to the chemical reaction it causes by releasing endorphins, reducing stress and boosting your immune system. Gonzalo did an excellent job as Toastmaster.

The word of the day was HYSTERICAL.

The only speaker for the day was Luisa Herran.  Her speech was entitled “ANGELS AMONG US”.  She shared her encounter with angels.  On one occasion, an angel comforted her in the midst of her anxiety while waiting for a response from a potential employer.  Things seemed to not be going her way.  An angel woke her from her sleep by whispering in her ear: “the job is yours” and sure enough she got the job!  The second time, an angel literally moved her car from a potential horrific accident while she traveled with her two young children.  She is certain she had an angel encounter in both instances because she felt their presence and because she believes in angels.

The Table Topics Master was Nick Zwemer.  He always brings great questions, that are fun and challenging.   Here is a recap:

Dianne Saavedra commented that she can find humor in just about everything and finds it reduces anxiety.  Any adverse situation can be defused with humor.

Tu Dong told us the funniest movie he has ever seen is Coming to America.  As a matter of fact, he finds it so funny he has watched it several times with his wife and children.  Funniest of all are the bloopers at the end of the film.

Jason Hesch finds Jon Stewart and Colbert to be the funniest people on television.  They make you laugh about everything.  Jason finished with a joke: “knock-knock.  Who’s there? To – To who? Not to who –     to whom!

Leisha John said between physical and intellectual humor, she prefers intellectual humor like Louis CK and Colbert.  Lately she has been leaning towards physical comedy because her professor in a Mortuary Director course she’s enrolled in uses it quite a bit.  This obviously defuses the tension of this type of work.

Sharon Patish would not want to have a laugh track or she would be laughing all the time.  This could have been a problem when she had abdominal surgery.  However, she remembered that the first time she laughed after surgery, it was painful.  The pain did subside the more she laughed.

Andres del Corral has found laughter in his wedding planning.  Unlike Nick Zwemer, he is not being involved by his fiancé in the details.  All he knows is that he is going on an African tour for his honeymoon

Christian Strenstrom finds humor in adversity.  He is reminded of the men in prison who use laughter to defuse their angst.  He is also reminded of how his best friend was mourning the death of his father and Chris had him over to reminisce.  They celebrated his friend’s father through laughter.

Jim Harnett shared with Andres the perfect formula for a happy marriage and life without parole.  He said the formula was to say YES to everything.

The winners of the Table Topics segment were:

1st Place: Christian Stenstrom

2nd Place: Leisha John

3rd Place: Jim Harnett

Mike Molina was the Master Evaluator and under him there were two speech evaluators, Dominique Stauffer and Leisha John.  Both ladies are great evaluators and provided important and helpful feedback to Luisa.  Salient points for improvement were:

Be more forceful/don’t start with excuses/more audience involvement/use gestures & modulation/more dramatic closing

Last but not least, we welcomed our previous guests Emy and Anna-Kaye.  Please come back, we enjoy your company.


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