Congratulations on Completing Your 10th Speech, Maria!

Congratulations to Maria Larrazabal for completing the 10 speeches in the Competent Communication manual!

In her 10th speech, Maria talked about how good people bring out the good in people. This was an inspirational speech in which Maria successfully inspired the audience to take small actions that make our lives more beautiful and meaningful.

In the 10 minute speech, we learned several valuable lessons:

  1. Live in the present – Focus on current conversations
  2. Be generous – Even the smallest gesture can have a huge impact
  3. Be open – We are all vulnerable.

Maria is originally from Venezuela and has an architectural background. She appreciates every single opportunity for learning and growing as an individual. She works for Herman Miller, a company whose mission is to create great places to work. Her twin sons are the apple of her eye! We look forward to Maria’s next speech with the advanced manuals.

We look forward to Maria’s next speech from the advanced manuals.

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