We jumped from “TRAINS, PLANES AND, AUTOMOBILES” to the importance of learning from Lola!

Our first speaker, Jerry Bailey, gave us a gentleman’s sartorial view of travel in his speech, “Five Degrees of Post Covid Travel.” His first point applies to any travel: don’t take things you will miss if lost — an homage to his favorite hat almost lost on a train in Germany. 

The second point is to understand that travel classes (i.e., coach, first-class) are not the same from country to country. In retrieving his favorite hat from the train in Germany, he discovered his first-class accommodations were not as comfortable as second class. 

Moving on to men’s attire, Jerry noted that many guys lean toward comfort — baggy pants and much-used running shoes. Running shoes are out, and stylish shoes (he mentioned Cole Hahn) are in. Pants with pleats are entirely out of fashion; however, nice non-pleated slacks or jeans with appropriate shoes are in style.

Whether a man or a woman, FANNY PACKS ARE OUT! Backpacks are clumsy, and it’s easy to bump into people in a crowd. Jerry recommends a small bag, which you can wear with a strap over your shoulder or across the front of your body. 

Even post-covid, Jerry recommends wearing a mask, particularly when flying. And finally, Jerry takes a tiny can of non-aerosol Lysol spray. If someone is sneezing, you can spray it in the air to take care of circulating germs. He admonished, “Do not spray it AT someone — just in the air.”

Our second speaker, Howard Barouxis, told us he’d learned a lot from his little dog. Lola is a small Bichon puppy, and she lights up Howard’s life. She’s taught him many lessons — like “being in the now.” She seems to know what happened yesterday is over, and there is no guarantee of tomorrow. So Lola loves today! 

There are three languages spoken in Howard’s world — English, French, and Spanish. Little Lola loves attention in any language — perhaps she’s multi-lingual. 

If Lola could show displeasure, she doesn’t. All she wants to do is make everyone happy. Lola loves without expectation, and she shows her gratitude. 

Howard admits that he is not the most patient person in the world, but Lola constantly demonstrates that patience is a virtue. 

While cheese is one of her favorite foods, little Lola isn’t a picky eater, and she’ll even eat lettuce on occasion. 

“Begging gets you anywhere,” is her mantra. It’s worked in getting Howard to look forward to their walks, and Howard has even joined the 10,000 step club. 

Little Lola is Howard’s superhero. She’s demonstrated to him he should live in the now and while walking, to take time to smell the roses. What an education! World leaders could learn from Lola.

Alberto Gonzalez, our Table Topics Master, presented the questions. How would you answer the following:

1, What’s a downside of the modern world?

2. What simple fact do you think most people don’t understand?

3. If you could do it all over again, what would your do-over be?

4. Describe your future in three words?

5. What do you think about when your drive home?

6. What can someone do to grab your attention?

7. What is the most insensitive thing a person could do?

The winners of Table Topics were: 3rd place, Jerry Bailey, 2nd place, Howard Barouxis, and the winner was: Wanda Bee!

Our Master Evaluator, Sharon Patish, and her team, Wanda Bee and Alex Vorbe gave everyone some things to think about before presenting another speech. Here are some things we learned:

  1. Use props when appropriate — they add to your story.
  2. In addition to tempo, a pause adds emphasis to a statement.

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